Interested In Boat Repair? Get Educated In An Unexpected Place…2015 Boat Shows

Have you been trying to break into the boat repair industry? Maybe you're a student trying to advance towards being a boat repair technician; or, maybe you already do boat maintenance as a hobby. School is one great way to gain the necessary education and training to service boats. There's another terrific way to brush up on your boat repair skills. Boat shows!

Why Boat Shows?

You're probably wondering why a boat show is a great place to further your training as a boat repair technician. Besides getting a first-look at industry-leading units, and possibly getting to test-drive a few models, you can learn a lot at boat shows. These shows aren't just for people looking to purchase. Here's what you can get from a boat show that you might not get in a classroom:

  • Hands-on workshops from the world's leading boat manufacturers in servicing and maintenance
  • Meeting company representatives who can help you to connect with individuals who may need boat repair technicians
  • Knowledge about the newest models to be released
  • Access to hundreds of individuals who love boating (i.e. the beginnings of a terrific network of clients) 
  • Insider information about the most recent safety products that could enrich your ability to help potential clients

If you are willing to take your boating education to the next level and get out there in the field, then catch some action (and educational insight) at these events happening throughout the United States this year.

2015 Boat Shows

San Diego, CA- June 18th-21st

If you are on the west coast, you can't miss the San Diego International Boat Show held at the Sheraton Hotel & Marina. This family friendly event features amazing water activities for kids, tons of booths displaying the latest and greatest nautical equipment, and a selection of yachts that will make your heart skip a beat. 

Raleigh, NC- August 21st-23rd

East coasters are promised to be on the water by Labor Day after swinging by the Carolina Fall Boat Show & Sale in Raleigh at the fairgrounds. Admission gets you access to the show for all three days and parking is free!

Norwalk, CT- September 24th-27th

If you live in the New England area, stop by the Norwalk Boat Show at the Norwalk Cove Marina for a treat. Boating fanatics in Connecticut can rejoice over the remaining 2015 models and newly released 2016 units available at hundreds of exhibitions. Bring the kids for paddle board lessons, cool off with refreshments, and enjoy free boat rides.

Annapolis, Maryland- October 8th-12th

The Annapolis City Dock is hosting the United States Sailboat Show in early October. Charter yachts, sailboats, and all sorts of nautical equipment will be out on display. Plus, enter their grand prize drawing to win a one-week sailing vacation for two!

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