Common Reasons for a Motorcycle to Break Down

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There is nothing like riding a motorcycle on a beach or up in the mountains. Riding a motorcycle gives the rider a freedom that can’t be found in a car, and just like a car, a motorcycle needs to be taken care of. General maintenance will go a long way when keeping your bike in good running condition and is important so you can get the longest life possible out of your bike. This article is going to outline three common reasons that a motorcycle ends up in a mechanic’s shop. Lack of Use When a motorcycle does not get ridden for a few months, bad things can happen. This is a very common problem in states that have a harsh winter in which riding is not possible. A common problem is that the battery can actually start to drain and lose charge. The fuel in your fuel tank can start to gel or corrode the inside of the fuel system. These can be serious problems, so it is best to be proactive when getting your motorcycle ready for winter. Add an additive to your gas, change the oil filter and oil, and hook the battery to a charger. These simple things can help keep your bike on the road. The Do-It-Yourself-er  If you are a decent mechanic, you can probably change the oil, change the battery, and do basic maintenance on your motorcycle, but do not try to fix a major mechanical error with your motorcycle. When you get on your motorcycle, your life is on the line, and if something goes wrong that you tried to fix, things could get very ugly. For this reason, leave the major mechanical work to a professional. It is never fun for a mechanic to have to fix your work first in order to then fix the original problem. Drive-Chain Problems  Maintaining the chain on your bike is as crucial as changing the oil. Your chain is essentially responsible for transferring power from your engine and turning your rear wheel. If you do not maintain this vital piece of your motorcycle, it will end up in the shop. To maintain your chain, be sure that all links are tight, that all grime is washed off, and that the chain is lubricated properly. Do not be the motorcycle rider that loses a bike by not completing basic maintenance on the chain. Keep that drive chain in good working condition, and your bike will last much longer.  For more information about regular motorcycle upkeep, consult a company like Chandler Motorcycle...

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Four Ways To Ensure You’re Safe While Riding Your ATV This Fall

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With autumn just around the corner, there’s arguably no better time to dust off your ATV and enjoy the great outdoors in the cool, pleasant weather. Although your focus might be on fun, it’s important to never overlook the risk of this activity. More than 150,000 people are injured each year in ATV accidents, which means that you must put a heavy emphasis on safety to reduce your risk of being a statistic. Here are four ways to keep safe when you’re driving an ATV. Wear The Right Gear People who don’t respect the danger of riding an ATV can hop on this powerful machine without the appropriate safety gear, which puts them at risk of an injury. You can work to keep yourself safe by committing to always wearing the right gear to protect your head, torso and limbs. A helmet and goggles are imperative, but you should also ideally wear a protective vest, wrist guards, elbow pads, knee pads and sturdy boots. Know Your Route While it can be thrilling to explore new terrain, you can increase your chance of staying safe by familiarizing yourself with your route. Doing so reduces the risk of driving at an unsafe speed and approaching hazards of which you aren’t aware. Talking to fellow riders, meticulously studying trail maps and even joining a local trail-riding message board online can help you get acquainted with the routes you plan to take on your ATV. Consider The Weather You might feel that the weather isn’t a concern when you’re wearing the proper safety gear, but rain and even heavy winds can rapidly change the conditions of the trails you ride. Rain can make an otherwise familiar trail slippery and unpredictable, while heavy winds can knock over dead trees and create unexpected obstacles in your path. Even if the weather is fine on the day that you plan to ride, it’s important to take note of how the conditions have been over the past few days. Don’t Drive Distracted Just as driving your car while distracted is risky, you shouldn’t let anything pull your focus away from the task at hand when you’re on your ATV. While it might be tempting to watch other riders or use a sports camera to capture your adventure, don’t let outside factors distract you. Pledge to maintain 100 percent focus as soon as you climb on your vehicle for a day of...

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Common Motorcycle Problems That All First-Time Bike Owners Should Know About

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If you’re a first-time motorcycle owner, chances are you don’t know very much about some of the most common motorcycle problems. Unfortunately, this also means that you don’t know what signs to look for to catch a small issue before it becomes a major problem. Learn more about common motorcycle issues so that you can avoid paying costly motorcycle repair bills. Contaminated Fuel Many bike owners only drive their motorcycles when the weather is nice. Because of this, motorcycles are often stored for long periods of time. When you store your motorcycle with gas in it, the gas can become stale. When that happens, the gas can clog the fuel system and eventually your motorcycle won’t start. So, if you don’t drive your motorcycle on a regular basis, make sure you add a fuel stabilizer to the gas tank every time you fill it up. Flat Batteries Modern motorcycles rely on electronics to operate. This means that you don’t have the option to kick start your bike. Your battery has to have a good charge in order for your motorcycle to start. Unfortunately, if you don’t ride your bike often, your battery could go flat. So, if you aren’t a frequent rider you should invest in a battery charger that you can connect the battery to while the motorcycle isn’t in use. Poorly Lubricated Chains If the chains on your motorcycle aren’t properly lubricated, it could cause your bike to skid — not something that you want to happen. So, before you take your motorcycle for a spin, check the chains to make sure they are well-oiled and have the proper amount of tension. If you don’t know how much tension the chains on your specific motorcycle should have, you can find that information in your owner’s manual. Interior Debris Did you know that dirt, debris, and spiders can get into your motorcycle’s engine, causing it to run poorly? Well they can. To avoid this, check your motorcycle’s engine frequently and clean out any debris that you find. The cleaner you keep the engine, the better your bike will run. Cleaning the engine and the area surrounding it is especially important if you’ve just pulled your bike out of winter storage. Of course there are also motorcycle problems that happen that you can’t control, so there are times that you will need to take your bike into a local motorcycle repair shop like Monarch Honda. However, properly maintaining your bike keep it running smooth and cuts down on your repair...

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Equipment Checklist For People Switching From A Cruiser To A Dual Sport

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If you’re used to a cruiser, then the adjustment to a dual sport motorcycle can be intimidating. They ride much differently and don’t have the comforts you are used to with cruisers. However, they can be really fun and they allow you to ride offroad and go places you would never have been able to go with your old bike. It’s important to make sure you get the necessary equipment. You shouldn’t simply switch bikes.  New Helmet The first thing you need to switch is your helmet. A regular motorcycle helmet is fine for a cruiser or sport bike, but won’t work well with a dual sport. If you are going to do offroading, then the helmet needs to be specially designed. The front needs to have a larger opening to accommodate goggles. The brim is larger, and there are larger ventilation holes. Goggles The main reason for the different helmet is because you are going to need goggles. When you were riding your cruiser, you didn’t have to deal with lots of mud and dust. You were riding on paved streets. A dual sport is designed to do offroading. This means dirt, dust, and mud. All of this stuff can splash up under a regular helmet. It can get over your face and eyes. Make sure to get goggles that have fog protection. If you buy goggles that have not been treated with anti-fogging chemicals, then the lenses can steam up on the inside and you will lose visibility. This is incredibly dangerous. You can always spray an anti-fogging chemical on regular goggles, but it is a better idea to get goggles that have been designed to be fog resistant. An Aftermarket Seat Pad Just because you are looking to do offroading doesn’t mean you have to be uncomfortable. Dual sports are not noted for comfort. The stock seats leave a lot to be desired when it comes to padding. So, make sure to choose a seat pad that you can use. You should pick out a seat that pad that is air filled and has a bleeding device. The bleeding device will let you adjust the amount of cushion. Avoid gel pads because you can’t adjust the amount of padding. It’s nice to be able to adjust the padding according to the type of riding you will be doing. If you’re ridding on a smooth surface, you won’t need as much air as when you are riding over rough terrain. Remember, part of the advantage of a dual sport is that you can ride offroad as well as paved streets. Proper Boots Many people make the mistake and think they can use their regular boots on a dual sport. This is a dangerous mistake to make. On a cruising bike, or even a sport bike, you can get away with wearing regular boots or even sneakers, but on a dual sport you will not have proper traction. When you are offroad, the bike will be bumping around. This can cause you to lose your footing unless you have proper traction. The solution is to get a pair of dual sport boots from an outlet, such as Bob’s Cycle & Snowmobile Supply. They are flexible, and have amazing grip. They will also protect your feet in the event that...

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Interested In Boat Repair? Get Educated In An Unexpected Place…2015 Boat Shows

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Have you been trying to break into the boat repair industry? Maybe you’re a student trying to advance towards being a boat repair technician; or, maybe you already do boat maintenance as a hobby. School is one great way to gain the necessary education and training to service boats. There’s another terrific way to brush up on your boat repair skills. Boat shows! Why Boat Shows? You’re probably wondering why a boat show is a great place to further your training as a boat repair technician. Besides getting a first-look at industry-leading units, and possibly getting to test-drive a few models, you can learn a lot at boat shows. These shows aren’t just for people looking to purchase. Here’s what you can get from a boat show that you might not get in a classroom: Hands-on workshops from the world’s leading boat manufacturers in servicing and maintenance Meeting company representatives who can help you to connect with individuals who may need boat repair technicians Knowledge about the newest models to be released Access to hundreds of individuals who love boating (i.e. the beginnings of a terrific network of clients)  Insider information about the most recent safety products that could enrich your ability to help potential clients If you are willing to take your boating education to the next level and get out there in the field, then catch some action (and educational insight) at these events happening throughout the United States this year. 2015 Boat Shows San Diego, CA- June 18th-21st If you are on the west coast, you can’t miss the San Diego International Boat Show held at the Sheraton Hotel & Marina. This family friendly event features amazing water activities for kids, tons of booths displaying the latest and greatest nautical equipment, and a selection of yachts that will make your heart skip a beat.  Raleigh, NC- August 21st-23rd East coasters are promised to be on the water by Labor Day after swinging by the Carolina Fall Boat Show & Sale in Raleigh at the fairgrounds. Admission gets you access to the show for all three days and parking is free! Norwalk, CT- September 24th-27th If you live in the New England area, stop by the Norwalk Boat Show at the Norwalk Cove Marina for a treat. Boating fanatics in Connecticut can rejoice over the remaining 2015 models and newly released 2016 units available at hundreds of exhibitions. Bring the kids for paddle board lessons, cool off with refreshments, and enjoy free boat rides. Annapolis, Maryland- October 8th-12th The Annapolis City Dock is hosting the United States Sailboat Show in early October. Charter yachts, sailboats, and all sorts of nautical equipment will be out on display. Plus, enter their grand prize drawing to win a one-week sailing vacation for two! For more information about boat repair, contact a company like Chuck’s...

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Safety Considerations For New RV Trailer Buyers

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While RV trailer safety is not exactly the most exciting aspect of your upcoming summer vacations, it is vitally important that you take it very seriously. Towing your new trailer will be a new driving experience for you. You can expect that it will take a bit of time to get adjusted to the feel of towing a trailer behind your vehicle. The trailer will sway and pull and you need to learn to compensate for the weight through your steering. There are some important things that you need to verify when purchasing your RV trailer to ensure that you can safely tow it behind your vehicle. Some of the most important are: Additional Electrical Power Requirements You might be surprised to learn that your new trailer will place an additional electrical load on your towing vehicle. This excess power comes from your vehicle’s alternator and needs to serve the lights and brakes of your trailer. If your vehicle was not designed specifically to tow a trailer, then it may not possess enough power to meet the needs of your trailer. If this is the case, you could find yourself broken down on the side of the road.  Your vehicle’s alternator can be replaced if it is found to be too small to tow the trailer you wish to purchase. Trailer Hitch Weight Rating Never tow a trailer that is too heavy for the manufacturer’s rating on the trailer hitch. While you vehicle may still be able to tow the trailer, it will not be stable or safe. In fact, towing a trailer on an inadequate hitch is illegal and can cause you to be found at fault if you are involved in an accident. Emergency Chain Connections Most states require that you have no less than two emergency safety chain connections between your tow vehicle and your trailer. The chains are in place to stop your trailer from becoming detached from your vehicle. Detachment can happen if your trailer begins to sway back and forth from excessive speed. When this happens, the trailer can flip over and break away from the trailer hitch. You should ensure that your new trailer has the maximum chains required, based on the states you wish to travel in. Your local DMV can provide you with this information. Additional Assistance If you have additional questions about your vehicle’s ability to safely tow your new RV trailer, then you should consult with a mechanic at a trailer dealership like Camping World of Orlando. This issue comes up frequently, and the mechanic is the best person to advise...

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