Three Essential Motocross Shirts To Own

If you're getting into the sport of motocross racing and are shopping for apparel, the things that you'll need to buy will generally fall into one of two categories. One category features the protective clothing — durable shirts and pants, for example — that you wear while you ride. The other category is all about more casual apparel that you can wear at other times. For example, when you visit a motocross track for a race weekend, these are the things that you'll wear when you aren't competing. Here are some essential pieces of apparel to buy.


Hoodies are immensely popular in the motocross world, with countless examples of these garments available on the market. If you're keen on a particular motocross brand, look for a hoodie that depicts it. This garment might have the name and logo of the brand across the chest, on the back, or even down one or both sleeves. Lots of motocross hoodies have a lively appearance, making them a good option whether you're relaxing with new friends or working on your bike when it's cold outside.

Long-Sleeved Tee

Another valuable piece of apparel that you'll want to buy at a motocross clothing store is a long-sleeved tee. This garment is good to wear when it's not cold enough to warrant a hoodie but not hot enough that you want to wear a T-shirt or a tank top. Like hoodies, motocross long-sleeved tees often have a lively look. In addition to featuring branding details in one or more locations, they may also have racing-themed images such as flames and checkered flags. Some even have slogans that may help to inspire you before your race.

Compression Shirt

You may wish to also shop for a motocross compression shirt. These shirts are available in short- and long-sleeved designs, allowing you to choose what cut you feel will serve you best. The big benefit of compression apparel is how well it breathes. When you're working on your bike on a hot day, donning a compression shirt will wick the sweat away from your body and help you to feel cool. You can wear a compression shirt on its own or combine it with another garment. For example, some people wear compression shirts beneath T-shirts. You may also wish to wear this type of shirt when you compete, as it will help you to stay dry. Browse the internet for a motocross apparel retailer.