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Interested In Boat Repair? Get Educated In An Unexpected Place…2015 Boat Shows

Have you been trying to break into the boat repair industry? Maybe you're a student trying to advance towards being a boat repair technician; or, maybe you already do boat maintenance as a hobby. School is one great way to gain the necessary education and training to service boats. There's another terrific way to brush up on your boat repair skills. Boat shows! Why Boat Shows? You're probably wondering why a boat show is a great place to further your training as a boat repair technician. Read More 

Safety Considerations For New RV Trailer Buyers

While RV trailer safety is not exactly the most exciting aspect of your upcoming summer vacations, it is vitally important that you take it very seriously. Towing your new trailer will be a new driving experience for you. You can expect that it will take a bit of time to get adjusted to the feel of towing a trailer behind your vehicle. The trailer will sway and pull and you need to learn to compensate for the weight through your steering. Read More