Stick With The Original: Why You Should Choose Original Parts For Your Harley Davidson

If you own a Harley Davidson, you want to keep it in sound running condition. Without proper care, you put yourself at risk for accidents. You also put your motorcycle at risk for premature break-downs. Part of the protection you give your motorcycle includes following the routine maintenance guide. It also includes taking care of repairs as soon as possible. When it comes to taking care of the repairs, it's essential that you use quality parts from the original equipment manufacturer. Choosing original Harley Davidson parts provides the protection you need for your motorcycle. If you're not sure you need to use parts from the original manufacturer, or OEM, read the information provided below. Here are just four of the reasons you should invest in the OEM part for your motorcycle. 

Warranty Protection

If your motorcycle is still under warranty, you need to choose the right replacement parts. Using aftermarket parts on your motorcycle could void the warranty. Unfortunately, if that happens, you'll be left to cover all the repair costs, including those that should have been covered by the warranty. The best way to protect the warranty is to use only OEM parts on your motorcycle. 

Ensured Quality

If you want to protect your motorcycle, you need to ensure the use of quality parts for all repairs. If you're using aftermarket parts on your motorcycle, you can't be sure about the quality. That's because aftermarket part manufacturers don't always follow the same standards as original parts manufacturers do. Unfortunately, that means the aftermarket parts you purchase might not last as long as they should. To ensure the quality of the parts you put on your motorcycle, always choose OEM parts. 

Guaranteed Fit

If you need replacement parts for your high-end motorcycle, you want to know that they're going to fit properly. If the parts don't fit properly, your motorcycle won't perform the way that it should. Not only that, but you could be at an increased risk for accidents and injuries. Before you're involved in an accident because the replacement parts for your motorcycle didn't fit the way they should, choose OEM parts instead. 

Value Protection

If you want to protect the resale value of your motorcycle, don't settle for aftermarket parts. You might not realize this, using aftermarket parts can adversely affect the value of your motorcycle. The best way to ensure value protection is to choose OEM parts for your motorcycle.