Choose This Type Of Side By Side For Trail Riding

While a lot of people use their UTV side by sides for hunting and work projects on their large properties, others favor the activity of trail riding. If you live a short distance from a trail network, you might be able to get on the trail with your side by side and spend most of a day cruising through the trees, across fields, and along the water. Trail riding can be a fun activity, especially when you're riding with a group of other enthusiasts. If you're thinking about buying a side by side that you'll predominantly use for this activity, you should choose this type of vehicle.

Narrow Body

When you visit a dealer and begin assessing different side by sides, you'll quickly notice that the width of their bodies can vary considerably. There are lots of advantages to having a wide-body side by side, but a narrow model can be a good choice if you plan to go trail riding. In some places, these trails can get quite narrow, with trees and bushes on each side. A wider vehicle may have trouble getting through these narrow areas without making contact with the foliage, while a narrow-bodied vehicle will be able to cruise through with ease.

Two Rows Of Seats

Side by sides have all sorts of seating configurations. You'll see models that have a pair of seats, while many others that have two rows of seats like a road vehicle. If you're buying this vehicle with the plan to do a lot of trail riding, choosing a model that has two rows of seats will make sense. Trail riding is an activity that a lot of people can enjoy together, so it's nice to be able to take some passengers with you. Whether you plan to ride with your children or you have some friends who don't have their own side by sides but would enjoy spending the day with you, you'll appreciate having the seating capacity for them.

Additional Front Lights

While you'll likely do a lot of your trail riding during the daytime, you might also enjoy some night rides. If so, take a look at the lighting situation on various side by sides. Some models have more front lights than others, and a vehicle that has additional front lights will be a good choice for nighttime riding. When you're riding on trails, you want to be able to clearly see the terrain in front of you so that you can ride safely. The more lights that you have, the safer these outings will be.