Common Motorcycle Problems That All First-Time Bike Owners Should Know About

If you're a first-time motorcycle owner, chances are you don't know very much about some of the most common motorcycle problems. Unfortunately, this also means that you don't know what signs to look for to catch a small issue before it becomes a major problem. Learn more about common motorcycle issues so that you can avoid paying costly motorcycle repair bills.

Contaminated Fuel

Many bike owners only drive their motorcycles when the weather is nice. Because of this, motorcycles are often stored for long periods of time. When you store your motorcycle with gas in it, the gas can become stale. When that happens, the gas can clog the fuel system and eventually your motorcycle won't start. So, if you don't drive your motorcycle on a regular basis, make sure you add a fuel stabilizer to the gas tank every time you fill it up.

Flat Batteries

Modern motorcycles rely on electronics to operate. This means that you don't have the option to kick start your bike. Your battery has to have a good charge in order for your motorcycle to start. Unfortunately, if you don't ride your bike often, your battery could go flat. So, if you aren't a frequent rider you should invest in a battery charger that you can connect the battery to while the motorcycle isn't in use.

Poorly Lubricated Chains

If the chains on your motorcycle aren't properly lubricated, it could cause your bike to skid -- not something that you want to happen. So, before you take your motorcycle for a spin, check the chains to make sure they are well-oiled and have the proper amount of tension. If you don't know how much tension the chains on your specific motorcycle should have, you can find that information in your owner's manual.

Interior Debris

Did you know that dirt, debris, and spiders can get into your motorcycle's engine, causing it to run poorly? Well they can. To avoid this, check your motorcycle's engine frequently and clean out any debris that you find. The cleaner you keep the engine, the better your bike will run. Cleaning the engine and the area surrounding it is especially important if you've just pulled your bike out of winter storage.

Of course there are also motorcycle problems that happen that you can't control, so there are times that you will need to take your bike into a local motorcycle repair shop like Monarch Honda. However, properly maintaining your bike keep it running smooth and cuts down on your repair bills.