Common Reasons for a Motorcycle to Break Down

There is nothing like riding a motorcycle on a beach or up in the mountains. Riding a motorcycle gives the rider a freedom that can't be found in a car, and just like a car, a motorcycle needs to be taken care of. General maintenance will go a long way when keeping your bike in good running condition and is important so you can get the longest life possible out of your bike. This article is going to outline three common reasons that a motorcycle ends up in a mechanic's shop.

Lack of Use

When a motorcycle does not get ridden for a few months, bad things can happen. This is a very common problem in states that have a harsh winter in which riding is not possible. A common problem is that the battery can actually start to drain and lose charge. The fuel in your fuel tank can start to gel or corrode the inside of the fuel system. These can be serious problems, so it is best to be proactive when getting your motorcycle ready for winter. Add an additive to your gas, change the oil filter and oil, and hook the battery to a charger. These simple things can help keep your bike on the road.

The Do-It-Yourself-er 

If you are a decent mechanic, you can probably change the oil, change the battery, and do basic maintenance on your motorcycle, but do not try to fix a major mechanical error with your motorcycle. When you get on your motorcycle, your life is on the line, and if something goes wrong that you tried to fix, things could get very ugly. For this reason, leave the major mechanical work to a professional. It is never fun for a mechanic to have to fix your work first in order to then fix the original problem.

Drive-Chain Problems 

Maintaining the chain on your bike is as crucial as changing the oil. Your chain is essentially responsible for transferring power from your engine and turning your rear wheel. If you do not maintain this vital piece of your motorcycle, it will end up in the shop. To maintain your chain, be sure that all links are tight, that all grime is washed off, and that the chain is lubricated properly. Do not be the motorcycle rider that loses a bike by not completing basic maintenance on the chain. Keep that drive chain in good working condition, and your bike will last much longer. 

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