The Must-Have Bass Boat Accessories To Increase Your Summer Fishing Success

Whether you just bought your first bass fishing boat or plan to upgrade your old boat so you catch more large fish this summer, then each of these items is a must-have.

Must-Have Item #1: A Fish Finder with a High-Resolution Screen

Today's fish finders are some of the best on the market. Rather than buying a lower-end model you will regret in a season or two, splash out on one with a large, high-resolution screen that offers you the option of a split screen to show both the underwater view as well as your location on the lake.

Must-Have Item #2: A Large Deck-Mounting Cooler for Your Fish

If you keep and eat the bass you catch, then you will need a large cooler to store them on ice until you can get back to shore to clean them. To prevent accidents and the hazards of a cooler sliding around on your boat's deck, purchase one that has deck mounts you can use to easily secure it in place.

Must-Have Item #3: A Shallow Water Anchor and Lifting Winch

To quickly and easily set and pull your bass boat's anchor, it's important you have a shallow water anchor. Since throwing and retrieving anchors is the last thing you will want to do after a long day on the lake, opt for an anchor with a lifting winch. This way, all you have to do is engage the winch and it will raise and lower the anchor for you.

Must-Have Item #4: A Long-Stem Rigging Fishing Rod Holder

Rather than balancing your fishing rod between your knees while you get it all rigged up, instead, opt to install a fishing rod holder. The holder will keep your rod in place and help keep you from getting tangled up in line and catching fishing hooks in your fingers. When you shop, opt for a long stem model of a rod holder because then you can fish standing up and won't constantly be bending over.

Must-Have Item #5: A Prop Protector for Your Boat's Trolling Motor

Finally, since your bass boat's trolling motor's prop is always in danger of hitting sharp rocks, logs, or other unseen underwater obstructions, you should install a prop protector over them. These inexpensive upgrades are made of a thick, strong vinyl or plastic and will protect the prop of your boat if it comes into contact with anything damaging.  

For more information about boat accessories, reach out to a boat supply store near you.