Off-Road Jeeps For The Country Road Cruiser And Adrenaline Junkee

If you're a sports enthusiast looking for an adventure, off-road jeepers will be kicking up lots of dust and fun this summer. Many sports adventurers are eschewing packed bike trails for jeep rentals and hitting the millions of acres of off-road jeeping mapped out across the country. 

Whether you're looking to enjoy the scenery on backcountry roads or seek an adrenaline rush on rocky terrain, here's how to outfit your Jeep rental for a safe summer adventure. 

Jeeps Designed for Off-Roading

Outdoor jeep rentals provide a wide choice of 4x4 jeeps for every type of adventure. Not all jeepers need a purpose-built off-road vehicle. If you're off on a vacation adventure for a a few days or more, a multi-terrain vehicle well suits cruising highways and exploring backcountry roads. If dirt trails or beaches look inviting, you can go for it. 

For a half day, day, or overnight jeep rental for the express purpose of outlanding on the trails, the toughest 4x4 is fit for the job. At a minimum, you will need:

  • good suspension for a smooth ride
  • tires with monster traction 
  • high ground clearance to cruise over obstacles 
  • solid shock absorbers

Outfitted for the Trails

Like any outdoor adventurer, off-roaders take lots of water, a first aid kit, and a flashlight with them. But you also need a winch. Without a winch, you may not get unstuck. 

Some other gear must-haves your jeep rental service should provide include:

  • maps and GPS
  • ​a spare tire and jack
  • tow strap
  • fire extinguisher
  • fuel canisters 

Off-road Jeep Parks 

Taking a jeep off-road in an area where you do not know the terrain is foolhardy. The terrain may be too difficult, especially for an amateur. You could end up bumped up, or worst upside down. Or more likely you'll get stuck in the mud. 

Ask your jeep rental service to recommend parks. At a designated site for off-road jeeping, a helping hand is always close by. Locals who know the terrain can provide advice on:

  • the best trails for your vehicle 
  • difficulty rating of the trial 
  • ideal tire pressure for the trail

Off-roading GPS apps provide all the information a jeeper needs on a location, including information on the topography, restricted areas, closures, and difficulty rating.

Like any adventure sport, if you take the right equipment, supplies, and precautions on well-trodden trails, you can keep on jeeping for many summers to come.